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Books 1-8 Magic Magnifying Glass

Books 1-8 Magic Magnifying Glass

Join Finley James Carter, a nature exploring, detective playing, God-loving boy, on all his crazy adventures. Each book is filled with fast-paced adventure, funny mishaps and vivid illustrations that kids 6-12 will love. Bible based truths are weaved throughout each action packed story.


Who is Finley James Carter?


It's me! God created me with a super-duper curious brain which is what makes me a great DETECTIVE! And little did I know that when I found that shiny silver magnifying glass, that it would turn out to be MAGIC! Just how magic is it? Magic enough that when solving a mystery, it makes me shrink and become tiny!

I ride Elliott, my best mouse-friend, and together we have all kinds of exciting adventures while we solve whatever mystery God puts in our path. My stories include many other fun friends including Professor Delilah (a majestic butterfly), Bart the mosquito (the bully who likes to try and scare us), Sam-Sam (a giant garden spider with a huge heart), Borris my friendly dog and Snickers my bullfrog-chasing cat. Plus many more!

In each story, I give Detective Tips and am drawn outdoors where everything is larger than life, since I am the size of a marble! Hang on because you never know what is going to happen!

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