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Magic Magnifying Glass #8: Operation Otter (Signed Personalized Copy)

Magic Magnifying Glass #8: Operation Otter (Signed Personalized Copy)

Solving mysteries is a blast with my MAGIC magnifying glass. Just how magic is it? Magic enough that now whenever I’m solving a case, it makes me shrink and become tiny!


I’m Finley James Carter. And God created me with a super-dee-duper curious brain, which is what makes me a great DETECTIVE! Join me on my family-vacation adventure, where I’m bursting with questions:


- Who took Tasha’s favorite sky-blue teddy bear?
- Will a red crab catch my baby sister?
- Why did the playful otter escape his enclosure, and where did he go?
- What are Moon Jellies, and will they help by giving us a clue?


Things turn unpredictable as I search the Oregon Coast Aquarium for my sister’s prized stuffy. I quickly learn all about letting God’s love shine through me to others.


Will I solve this tricky case, even if I am only the size of a shark’s eyeball?

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